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The Cape Fear sevens, always played the first week in July, coinciding with the 4th of July festivities, is one of the most traditional tournaments in the East Coast.

Won by English teams Bristol, Harlequins and Bedford in 1984, 1986 and 1991, the Cape Fear tournament is a good option for traveling teams looking for good rugby next to the beautiful beaches in North Carolina.

In 2005, OMBAC, from San Diego (California) was the first team from the west coast to win the tournament.

NOVA (from Northern Virginia), US Sevens Champions in 1986, has won the tournament seven times. The founding fathers of NOVA, the Duck Brothers, won the tournament five times in the 80s.

Maryland Old Boys (now Maryland Exiles) is the only team to win Cape Fear and the US Nationals, the same year, in 1989.

Year Champion Country
2014 Ohio 1823 USA
2007 NOVA Arlington, VA
2006 England U. England
2005 OMBACSan Diego, CA
2004 WidgetsMARFU invitational
2003 Charlotte Charlotte, NC
2002 NOVA Arlington, VA
2001 NOVA Arlington, VA
2000 NOVA Arlington, VA
1999 NOVA Arlington, VA
1998 NOVA Arlington, VA
1997 NOVA Arlington, VA
1996 Atlantis Invitational
1995 NOVA Arlington, VA
1994 Atlantis Invitational
1993 Old Blue New York, Ny
1992 Washington Washington, DC
1991 Bedford London, England
1990 Washington Washington, DC
1989 Maryland Old Boys Maryland
1988 Duck Brothers Arlington, VA
1987 Duck Brothers Arlington, VA
1986 Harlequins London, England
1985 Duck Brothers Arlington, VA
1984 Bristol Bristol, England
1983 Duck Brothers Arlington, VA
1982 Duck Brothers Arlington, VA
1981 Richmond Richmond, VA
1980 Norfolk Norfolk, VA
1979 Norfolk Norfolk, VA
1978 Roanoke Roanoke, VA
1977 Norfolk Norfolk, VA
1976 Roanoke Roanoke, VA
1975 Univ. of Virginia Charlottesville, VA

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