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The event organized by Brian Stollmeyer and his Enthusiasts, moved to Tobago in 2011, it is played in the second weekend of December.

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Roll of Honor

Year Winner Runner-up
2006 West Indies Atlantis (USA)
2005 West Indies Caribs RFC
2004 Border Reivers (Scotland) Caribs RFC
2003NOVA (USA) Atlantis (USA)
2002Rugby Ecosse (Scotland)Caribs RFC
2001OMBAC (USA) Ecosse-Samurai (UK)
2000Rugby Ecosse (Scotland)Anti-Assasins (England)
1999Border Reivers Trinidad & Tobago
1998 Africanada Australian Legends
1997 Caribs RFC Universidad Central (Venezuela)
1996 AfricanadaTrinidad & Tobago
1995 Canadian Maple Leafs Atlantis (USA)
1994 Caribs RFC Border Reivers (Scotland)
1993 Border Reivers (Scotland) Canadian Rangers
1992 Border Reivers (Scotland) Caribs RFC
1991 Border Reivers (Scotland) Caribs RFC
1990 Caribs RFC Bermuda Barbarians RFC
1989 Trinidad & Tobago Warriors RFC
1988 Roebucks RFC Trinidad & Tobago
1987 Trinidad & Tobago Martinique

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