Seven-a-side Rugby : Fewer Rucks, fewer Mauls, more Rugby!
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Introduction Outcome Goals: Attack - Defense - Performance Goals: Attack - Defense - Frequent Errors - Team Selection - Conclusion

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The game of Seven-a-side rugby has grown in popularity in recent years, with a number of international tournaments being conducted. In 1999-2000 this has been enhanced with tournaments being collectively organised into the IRB International World Sevens Series.

Literature on Sevens rugby is surprisingly scarce. The top coaches are busy people involved directly in national team coaching.

This manual is a formal contribution aimed at continuing the discussion which has taken place more in-formally than formally.It is not definitive. No manual on any evolving game should be.

What it does do is provide a structured approach to the analysis of the Game and content that will serve as a starting point for the discriminating coach to develop Game plans, Patterns of Play and Tactics for the team.

Whether Sevens is used for developing talent for the National team or to popularise rugby in unions where it is little known as a sport, its potential can only be enhanced by informed and structured coaching.

The IRB acknowledges the assistance of John McLean, Director of rugby, University College of Dublin, Rugby Football Club in editing this manual and in providing technical advice.

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